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Help Street Kids Facebook page

These are orphans who were fortunate enough to be taken into an orphanage.
Brad Stanton email
The Charity: Helping Street Kids Inc.

Mission Statement: Food, shelter and clothing for street kids.

The Plan: Raise finances for food and clothing for needy kids. These will be delivered to the kids in the Metro Manila area.
Long term goal:
We will buy a house in the Metro Manila area to start an orphanage. Three house mothers will be hired
to take care of the kids. We plan to have around ten to fifteen kids living in the orphanage.

The Need: There are 1.5 million street kids in the Philippines. Some are orphans, others are living on the street
with their families. Many have to work on the streets and don’t get an education, thus putting them in a cycle of
poverty. Many street kids are sexually trafficked or abused in other ways.

If you have any interest in helping street kids or mothers who can’t keep their children,
fill out the form below. There are lots of things you can do such as volunteer,
donate, and pray. Scroll down for a more detailed list of what you can do.
We need volunteers to help in the following areas:
People on Facebook willing to promote the charity
on social media like Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.
Anyone who can get the word out for us by word of mouth, online, direct mail, etc.
People willing to sell items online to raise money for the charity
Web site designers
People willing to host a party in their home or church
People with experience with 501c3 nonprofit organizations.
Can you help? You can click “share” on Facebook or other social media to help promote this charity. You can donate
finances or host an event in your house to help get the word out for this charity.